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Do you just want a simple one page cheat sheet with the 20 original ogham symbols, letters, and letter names shown correctly in their four groups?

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The Ultimate Ogham Cheat Sheet

- Get All the Basics Down!

Master the basics of Ogham - the ancient writing system from Ireland - with this handy cheat sheet! Get a solid foundation on which to build your Ogham skills.

Are you looking to learn the basics of Ogham, the ancient writing system from Ireland? This cheat sheet provides a comprehensive look at the letters and symbols of Ogham and helps you get off to a great start with mastering this writing system.

Learn the Basics:

Ogham was a writing system used in ancient Ireland, consisting of letters (usually written) in vertical format along a central stem line. The letters of Ogham are composed of one to five straight lines or notches, in four groups of five letters each, and are used as a cipher system to spell out words. It is believed that the early form of the Ogham was inscribed on wood, stone, metal and other materials like bone. The Latin alphabet eventually replaced this writing system, but examples of early Ogham inscriptions can still be seen in Ireland today.


Master Ogham Writing Techniques

Get down all of the techniques behind writing out Ogham letters correctly, such as spacing, orientation, and placement, by referencing our free downloadable cheat sheet as you go.

Being able to write out Ogham accurately is a core skill of learning this ancient writing system. Spacing the letters correctly, and orienting them in the right direction, will be key when starting to learn Ogham.