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How to Unlock the Meanings of

Ogham Writing - Your Free Guide!

Want to crack the code of the Ogham alphabet? Enhance your understanding of early Irish communication with this simple and free downloadable PDF guide and gain a deeper insight into the rich heritage of Ogham writing.

Ogham is a system of writing, originally used by early Irish people to commemorate and connect to their ancestors with stone inscriptions. This guide will explore the letters, reveal their meanings, and offer insight into the significance of this aspect of Ireland rich cultural heritage. Understand the code behind this ancient language and unlock the mysteries of Ogham.

Understand What Ogham Is

Ogham is an early form of Irish alphabet filled with simple strokes and subtle angles. It consists of 20 native letters, each one representing a sound in the Irish tongue. To puzzle out what certain inscriptions mean, it’s essential to understand how these symbols form words. The shapes are defined by lines or notches that cross a thin baseline at distinctive points to represent individual letters, grouped in four sets of five.

Learn The Meanings Behind Each Letter

By learning the meanings of each letter symbol, one can begin to decipher Ogham scripts. For example, in the first grouping the letter ‘beith’ is denoted by line set to the right of the stem line, and represents the letter 'b'. Similarly, five straight lines set to the right of the stem line represent ‘nin’ which stands for the letter 'n', and is the last of the letters in this first grouping.

In addition to learning which symbols stand for which letters, it’s also useful to understand how these symbols form words, allowing you to know what certain inscriptions mean.

Explore Historical Messages Translated In Ogham

With the unlocking of Ogham symbols and the translation of ancient poetical messages, or kennings, one can gain insights into its wisdom. In decoding stone inscriptions and other artefacts, the meanings of certain words come to life including expressions around love, loss, loyalty, tragedy and celebration. By discovering these messages held within our early Irish history, you’ll soon feel a deeper connection to the past that will stay with you for years to come.

Learning the Kennings, or creating your own, for Ogham divination purposes can be a difficult and complicated process. The guide will get you started with the basics, and you can explore Ogham Divination further through the Ogham Academy Blog and Online Courses (available soon!).

Examine The Origins Of Ogham Writing

The origins of Ogham writing can be traced to fourth century Ireland (300s Common Era), but it is thought to date back even further. Ogham was written from bottom to top in a system of lines and dots and was named after the Irish God, Ogma, of the Tuatha Dé Danann.

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