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Ogham Discipline: Understanding Your Connection

beginners celtic writing system ogham discipline May 09, 2023
Ogham Discipline with Lora O'Brien

Ogham discipline is a name that can be given to the practice used to gain a greater understanding of your inner world and Irish heritage, through the Ogham. The idea has been appropriated in the past by various game creators and players, but whatever that is has no basis in authentic Irish traditions. Lora O'Brien's version of Ogham discipline does, and we're taking it back!

Ogham discipline draws upon the ancient symbols, the letters or feda that make up the Ogham alphabet. We explore the power of associated trees, plants, animals, birds, sacred sites, and other natural elements so you can connect to the past, align the present, and prepare for the future - bringing harmony and balance into your life.

By engaging with the four human realms - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - you can unlock your natural potential, to gain a greater understanding of yourself and your place in the Universe.

By engaging with the three realms of Irish cosmology - earth, sea, and sky - you can begin to understand your place and path within the Irish ancestral traditions and knowledge.

By engaging with the two realms of native Irish spirituality - this world and the Otherworld - you can access eolas (information) not usually available, and how to practically use this spiritual and magical fios (knowledge) for the betterment of all.

The Principles of Ogham Discipline

Ogham Discipline is based around five main principles.

  • First, there is an interconnectedness between all things in the Universe, and a focus on our inner world which brings us clarity and insight into how best to rebalance our selves and our shadow, through the four realms.
  • Second is an appreciation for the power of nature and its influence on our wellbeing, particularly as we work with the three realms and our place within (and between) them.
  • Third, an understanding that energy can be generated and focused through awareness and intention, and knowing this we begin to understand magic and divination, and integrate the two realms.
  • Fourth is the recognition of the power of language, both spoken and unspoken, to create change in our lives, and connect us to the ancient Irish creators of Ogham and the power of this writing system. 
  • Finally, a deep connection with the Gods, Guides and Guardians of the Ogham, and building lifelong supportive relationships which are mutually beneficial between us and them.

Developing Awareness and Mindfulness Through Meditation

One of the most important aspects of Ogham discipline is developing awareness and mindfulness.

This can be achieved through regular meditation or Guided Journeys, using Lora O'Brien's unique native Irish methodology, developing a strong sense of presence and cultivating a spirit of openness to new possibilities, connections, and relationships.

Meditation gives us clarity about what really matters and helps us focus our energy on taking action that will lead to tangible results. You can also use meditation to access insights about your inner world which can help you make more empowered choices.

Proficiency in our Guided Journey methodology will enable you to meet, know, and remember, information and entities which will enrich your inner life, your ancestral connections, your divination and magic skill set, and your ability to balance all and walk confidently between the realms.

Implement Ogham Rituals and Practices in Your Life

Designing and utilising regular Ogham rituals and practices in your life is essential to improving your mental and spiritual health, and building relationship with the Gods, Guides, and Guardians of Ogham.

To begin a cyclical alignment, you can start by observing the Moon regularly and noting any patterns or energies that you feel. Keeping a record of this, and how it may affect your Ogham discipline working, is essential for establishing routine and developing awareness.

Additionally, you can begin incorporating small rituals into your day such as drawing an ogham card or stone, setting intentions, dedicating time to sit in silent contemplation, and practicing your meditation or Guided Journeys techniques.

Taking regular, intentional, time to move away from distractions will help boost focus and awareness so you can feel more connected to yourself, to the realms, and to the Ogham.

Open Up to Natural Energies

Ogham discipline allows you to connect with the strong energies of nature around you, through taking time to visit each realm, and working with association lists dating from Medieval times. By studying this material and opening up to these energies, you can observe and work with any realm which you wish to focus on more closely.

You are encouraged to embrace the beauty and power that exists in nature - from trees and plants, streams and mountains, to animals, fish and birds. Spend time in contemplation and meditation with these natural elements so that you can call upon their support for yourself, your dreams and goals for the future.

The Symbolism of Ogham Discipline
The Ogham alphabet symbols, as well as associated colours and other symbolism which can be gleaned from Medieval manuscript texts, can help you to connect with your true spiritual self, and with the entities who guard the Ogham and guide those of us who engage with Ogham discipline.

Ogham symbols represent something unique and powerful, and the mystical and mundane briatharogaim (word ogham) kennings which explore and explain each of the letters, and resonate within each of us. Their meanings are deeply connected with the natural cycles of life and death, and the traditions and wisdom of our ancestors.

When you utilise them in meditation, magic, or situations that require deep insight, they can help bring clarity. Connecting with their energy can help you access different parts of yourself not normally seen in everyday life, and make sense of how these parts relate to the realms in which you will be walking and working. 

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